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Лупа при наведении на картинку
Matebarchuk Оффлайн
Дата: Среда, 2016-01-13, 18:44 | Сообщение # 1
Парни, нашел такую штуку, очень понравилась! http://yraaa.ru/publ/1/3-1-0-1446

Можете подсказать? Хочу поставить в раздел "фотоальбомы" куда ставить код

Код JavaScript


  var native_width = 0;
  var native_height = 0;

  //Now the mousemove function
  //When the user hovers on the image, the script will first calculate
  //the native dimensions if they don't exist. Only after the native dimensions
  //are available, the script will show the zoomed version.
  if(!native_width && !native_height)
  //This will create a new image object with the same image as that in .small
  //We cannot directly get the dimensions from .small because of the  
  //width specified to 200px in the html. To get the actual dimensions we have
  //created this image object.
  var image_object = new Image();
  image_object.src = $(".small").attr("src");
  //This code is wrapped in the .load function which is important.
  //width and height of the object would return 0 if accessed before  
  //the image gets loaded.
  native_width = image_object.width;
  native_height = image_object.height;
  //x/y coordinates of the mouse
  //This is the position of .magnify with respect to the document.
  var magnify_offset = $(this).offset();
  //We will deduct the positions of .magnify from the mouse positions with
  //respect to the document to get the mouse positions with respect to the  
  var mx = e.pageX - magnify_offset.left;
  var my = e.pageY - magnify_offset.top;
  //Finally the code to fade out the glass if the mouse is outside the container
  if(mx < $(this).width() && my < $(this).height() && mx > 0 && my > 0)
  //The background position of .large will be changed according to the position
  //of the mouse over the .small image. So we will get the ratio of the pixel
  //under the mouse pointer with respect to the image and use that to position the  
  //large image inside the magnifying glass
  var rx = Math.round(mx/$(".small").width()*native_width - $(".large").width()/2)*-1;
  var ry = Math.round(my/$(".small").height()*native_height - $(".large").height()/2)*-1;
  var bgp = rx + "px " + ry + "px";
  //Time to move the magnifying glass with the mouse
  var px = mx - $(".large").width()/2;
  var py = my - $(".large").height()/2;
  //Now the glass moves with the mouse
  //The logic is to deduct half of the glass's width and height from the  
  //mouse coordinates to place it with its center at the mouse coordinates
  //If you hover on the image now, you should see the magnifying glass in action
  $(".large").css({left: px, top: py, backgroundPosition: bgp});


Сообщение отредактировал Matebarchuk - Среда, 2016-01-13, 18:44
GTHEME Оффлайн
Дата: Среда, 2016-01-13, 22:53 | Сообщение # 2
В самый низ сайта, перед тегом </body> на той странице, где хотите вызвать скрипт

uPartner PRO. | Разработка сайтов на uCoz.

Сообщение отредактировал GTHEME - Среда, 2016-01-13, 22:54
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